Saturday, April 23, 2016


Courtesy of : Lavi Singh

From a distance ..
while the rays of the sun kiss the skyline, 
the wave of hope starts to smile 
as it touches the shoreline. 
Beneath a bright blue sky,
is a patient man standing by... 
Is he waiting for something? 
or a moment?
Staring at the ocean,
He is whispering hope at the rising sun!

 “I just wait for that moment which I can say 'this is mine and only for me'. I’m not selfish but how long can I smile for others? This only makes me a “double face person”.  All the people around me always expect me to smile. Smile is good, but what if I would be in difficult times and I feel like I am in a dry desert which badly cries for a single drop of water? Who is with me to quench my thirst? The sea? The sky or the clouds above?  How sure am I that they’re always with me? Whom to trust? We all see people give big promises to others like “we are always here for you" and yet, they left, leaving nothing but broken promises. It’s all nothing.. and (take note) nothing stays forever (even  the word “nothing”). Should I stop trusting then? Should I just be casual, just shake a hand, feel the touch and never trust?”   -Lavi- 

It’s too easy to put our hope in the things of this life. We tend to fall in love with this life - Career, money, possessions or position, pleasure, achievements - so on and so forth.

When we lose all that the world offers, we are confronted with the hopelessness of it all. We set our own goal, try hard to achieve it for ourselves and loved ones, only to find out that it simply doesn’t work. It’s like we are chasing on something and wasn’t able to make it at the end. 

So what would happen?

There are two things. It’s either we start losing our confidence or we start looking at it as a challenge.

Most of us like to choose the latter. We like challenges. We’re facing it day by day. 
Life after all is a challenge. It's full of mystery that brings either happy or sad moments.

If sadness knocks at the door of your being, dismiss it right away. It only leads you to hopelessness.
However, when happy moment greets you then embrace it.. treasure it! Happy moments are special & unforgettable and always show us the way to being hopeful.

We see a lot of people every day. Some are just happy with nothing while others are sad despite they have everything.   At some point, a businessman is quite sad because he ranks only no. 2 in the market, while on the other side, one person is just praying for a single day work, because his family will be hungry if he has nothing in his kitchen to eat.  One decent meal was all he asked for, he doesn't care for more, just a decent meal and it would be happiness to him, a priceless moment to those like him who are able to understand the pain of hunger. How many people are like him who can appreciate the little blessings they have in their hands, those who always experience hunger and yet never become hopeless?

One time, one good man has taken a night walk alone after having a nice dinner. He saw one person sitting alone, looking so hopeless and broke. His face tells a story about his messy life. The man tapped the person’s shoulder and asked “What happened, are you lost or you’re looking for something?” the person replied, “I’m a failure and I can’t face myself, I lose everything and nothing left except my miserable life.” The good man smiled at the person and said, 

“You call yourself a failure when in fact you’re lucky! Look at you, and look at those disabled people who never lose their hope, rather contentment registered in their face as they live life moment by moment.

Look at those blind people who can never see life's beauty. They lose eyesight but did they become hopeless and broke? 
Did you lose your leg or eyesight too? 
If not, then shame on you for saying you lose everything. You only lose your capacity to think well, because you welcome self pity and negativity. You’re still complete. You still have the capacity to stand up, pick up the broken pieces and use it to build yourself up”. 

The person stood up and said, “That kind of thing only happen in fairy tale. In real life we are born to die. That’s always the truth”.

This is not just a story for nothing. It is a story of faith and interest. 

We always stand for blood, but what about those who, we never meet in life yet could stand for us. In most cases we close our mind to those people who could help us open our eyes to see the truth. We tend to believe what we see but never give chance to believe the truth we've never seen (that oftentimes the most valuable one). We easily ignore little things and get attracted to extra bling from far away.

So often people cry out at life wondering why they have cursed. Why no opportunities have been given to them. Why they must continue to lead the lives they so desperately want to change. The truth of the matter is, the opportunities that they’ve been seeking have always been there; only in the unrecognizable form of their problems.

Come to think of it. Life has handed us numerous opportunities in a silver platter. This platter (where opportunities reside) is inside an ugly box covered with crumpled gift wrapper. You couldn’t see the opportunities inside that ugly wrapped box until you open it. Most of us, if we see an ugly box, we judge that the thing inside is also an ugly stuff.

This is what happened if life give us hard times. We become hopeless and forget to see the opportunities behind that hardships. We lose hope and lock ourselves in that dark room of depression.

Hope (like love), is just a "four- letter" word yet it has big power that could defeat the "ten-letter word depression" or the "twelve-letter word hopelessness". It has its own power that lights up everything. It transcends positive energy which help us out in killing bad powers (negative vibes). 


How to defeat them in this kind of state we are now, where everything seems powerful? We are but human who are prone to the so-called “bad breaks” of life. We work hard yet lose our car, house, money.. even relationship.  Then we blame it to God or we gonna say, we’re just having bad luck.

Darn! Its not about luck! It’s about FAITH! It’s about HOPE! Have the faith to conquer bad breaks and let the ray of hope shine upon your entire being. Have faith to open that ugly box of problems and keep hopeful that the opportunities inside is intended for you. No one could do that for you but ONLY YOU. If you feel discourage and stop helping yourself because you get drowned into the ocean of hopelessness, then NO ONE would help you to get out from there. You'll get drowned, not even a CPR could revive you.

Everything stands on hope. If you see no hope, you’ll have no tomorrow. Does anyone know about what lies ahead? We may sleep tonight and tomorrow we could no longer wake up. 
If we keep this mentality, then we would surely get scared of sleeping. Why get scared to die when you say your life is in a mess? Or okay, lets put it this way, you choose to die rather than living a miserable life, would you allow to die just like that? die in hopelessness? It’s useless! You should have wished you were not born in the first place. It’s a big shame! I don’t want to sound mean. All I want to say is appreciate everything that comes your way and stay strong. Keep fighting from all the bad breaks and be positive. A positive mind conquers everything. When we close our eyes with a positive mind, we will be able to wake up with a fresher feeling, rather than worrying if we could still wake up or not. Is it difficult to view things on the positive side despite of all the bad breaks? I guess not.. if beginning today, you let this four-letter word “HOPE”, (which is as powerful as the same four-letter word “Love”), resides in your heart.

 Be positive
 think positive
 always look at the horizon 
where the sun rise up...
 promising hope.

Live your life with a hopeful heart. 
Always keep HOPE for a change.
...a change for the better.

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