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Be in a relationship with yourself and make it your goal -Leony- Have you ever been into a situation like you're holding unto something then you fought hard for that something yet ended up frustrated or exhausted, just because you think you are a baggage to someone instead of being a reliever? Deep in us we wanted to be a part of someone or something -to those whom we considered special- We show them kindness, we give them time, care & concern, We wanted to see them happy we pay attention to their needs or desires, trying to comfort them in any way we can. It has even become our goal, relationship goal!  Why are we doing this in the first place? Do we really know  those people whom we devote our time to?  Or it is "we", whom we really need to know more about! Know Yourself  (more than others) Knowing ourselves - how we feel, act and treat people - has often been neglected We pay more attention to people than paying more a
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Which Wolf will win?

When I am into emotional state.. "I" and "myself" always have a debate. When "I" realizes that something is shaky and should do something before its late, "myself" tries to contradict. "I" said, "stop hindering myself. I know what am doing and I always do stuff in practical way!" But "myself" just said, "no, you're not! Your practical ways can be bad and hurting at times.You disregard real emotion which myself is expert in dealing with!" "I replied, "are you sure that you couldn't make bad decision out of your crazy emotion? Both have good reasons and none of them will give-way. They are like wolves, ready to attack when  one jeopardize the other.  Its a battle between practicality over emotion or vice versa Career over personal relationship (mind over heart) Love over hurt Good intention over bad ways.. Can't they just go together and agree at one point?

Choose to be better

I heard somebody said "Life is stupid" (sometimes that somebody is me) Why cant just we say "I am stupid, or I've been stupid in my choices" Is it that hard to admit? We have our own choices in this what they call "stupid life". A choice to do or not to do, to love or not to love, to hate or not to hate, to accept or to decline, to say a yes or a no.. A choice to dislike, to pretend,to control,  a choice to sacrifice for others,to compromise... A choice to wear mask or not to wear mask.. Choice to understand or to act dumb.. We do have our choices, and I prefer "to understand" ... understand that everyone is wearing mask based on their priority, on their set goals.. I choose to understand that everyone has its own limits in everything, that each one has its own life...craving for survival. The only thing  I failed to understand is, why do people crave to be on top of everything, of why one

Stop being a Victim of Problems

What is happiness for you? yes YOU.  I'm asking you because  you are the master of your own thoughts - thoughts that direct your life  - thoughts that speaks the person inside you - thoughts that can make or unmake you and your idea of being happy reflects in what you do. You are laughing with friends, sharing jokes and funny quotes with them, but when you are alone you feel empty. You are doing  community works wearing an outfit of smile to people you meet but deep within you're striving for something which you could hardly define... is that happiness? I have this friend who is surrounded by suitors She is beautiful. She often smile. She's fond of sharing jokes with friends People always say, she has everything and that she is very lucky but for me I see a lonely lady, wearing a smile behind those sad foggy eyes then I asked her "why....what makes you sad despite of everything you have?' she replied, "I'm dying." You may have flaw

Life is Not Always What We Think It Is

Courtesy: Lavi Singh What are you afraid of? Alone in the dark? Getting poor? Failure? Do you spend a good deal of time worrying about your status in life, wishing you could swap places with those rich and famous, who you think are living a happy and easy life? Does the phrase “I wish I were that person” has ever cross to your mind? There are millions of people in this world. This million people have billion dreams and wishes. Dreams of having a good life with endless happiness. A kind of happiness everyone wishes to have yet scared to take hard test  because what they want is easy drive in the highways. The moment you open your eyes and see the sunrise, it is the beginning moment of your journey for the day. You've seen hope, all you gonna do is move, otherwise the rising sun is gonna kick your butt. You have to get up - for the heck of just being alive and being tied up into complicated stuff - you still have to get up and it is a must. That's how


What is happening in some of our mainstream media nowadays? Instead of giving credible news, they’re giving misleading or even fake information that could corrupt the minds of innocent people. It is so sad to know that instead of working hand in hand, some of them are working only for themselves and are after of getting high engagement rating to become famous. Others are get paid by politicians or oligarchs, for personal interest.  The Philippines cries for change.  Ninety percent (90%) of Filipino people are thirsty for real "change". Change in government policies and its implementations for the betterment of the people.  Change is possible, it is attainable especially now that the president commits himself to make a change in this country...  but why it is so hard for others to accept?  Why they keep on bashing in social media and gave negative or misleading reports against the president? I watched the news about the fishermen condition in West Philippine


By: Lavi Singh “I want to spread my wings but I just can’t fly, …my precious wings are broken tired…” I believe I can fly to touch my best friend, the blue sky. I believe I can soar high from the daylight ‘till the moonlight, I believe I really can….     But how? when my wings are broken, how could I survive? Is there a way to heal what is broken without hurting others feeling? Is there a way to stop the pain without having tears? Where should I be? I seek for a place not to give up nor hide… but to fight with life in order to make things right. I often forget that I am just human who can't always be right. I might be tough and strong as you see me, but it’s all a disguise, because in reality, no matter how tough or strong a person is, if he is captive by such a strong emotions of life’s madness and carries the burden on the expectations of others, he will touch the ground and give up, not because he is a coward, but because he is brave enough to acc