Saturday, November 26, 2016

Life is Not Always What We Think It Is

Courtesy: Lavi Singh

What are you afraid of?
Alone in the dark?
Getting poor?

Do you spend a good deal of time worrying about your status in life, wishing you could swap places with those rich and famous, who you think are living a happy and easy life? Does the phrase “I wish I were that person” has ever cross to your mind?

There are millions of people in this world.
This million people have billion dreams and wishes.
Dreams of having a good life with endless happiness.
A kind of happiness everyone wishes to have yet scared to take hard test because what they want is easy drive in the highways.

The moment you open your eyes and see the sunrise, it is the beginning moment of your journey for the day. You've seen hope, all you gonna do is move, otherwise the rising sun is gonna kick your butt. You have to get up -for the heck of just being alive and being tied up into complicated stuff- you still have to get up and it is a must.

That's how it is, we can't complain life.

Since we cannot complain life, we set our own rules or we try to compromise. Others just accept what it is, while the rest have tried their way to work things out hoping that life would be in their favor someday. The tendency is we keep ourselves busy. We kill ourselves by working hard to the extent of spending less quality time with our very own self and family.

We will just say, "that's what life is, we can't complain, it's like we get a one way ticket and we don't know about our destiny for this long journey". 

Then after saying this, we move our feet, (doesn't matter if we want or we have to), with common chant "Busy here, busy there and everywhere".

The next day, there you go again, saying, "this is how my life is. I ccan't complain", then again you keep your life busy, handle all things in your way, making details here and there, absorbing all the headaches until things get complicated.

Life isn't easy and kind of a crazy journey.

Are you not tired of all that? Why are you carrying all those burdens by yourself? can't you delegate it to others so they would do their share?
Loosen up a bit and free yourself from that crazy chain, or crazy game (I must say). 
A kind of game where people are wearing their respective mask and play the game of pretending...
- pretending that its a sunny day yet deep inside its clouded by worries
- pretending that everything is okay and manageable in order to create a strong personality in the eyes of others
- pretending to be cool to portray a good image even if others behavior is intolerable

Weather we like it or not, people’s behavior towards us, or our behavior towards them greatly affect our relationship with each other, our life in general, once we tolerate the game of pretending. 
We do not know who is with us or against us which make our life out of balance....

I want a big scale…
which can measure people’s heart and their purity. I just lost in that game where friends or even relatives coming to me from front or back wearing masks, displaying fake feelings, emotions, worries or care just to win the game, that no matter how low we need to go we will for the sake of winning.

I lost in the game of pretending where friends acting like they can when in fact they cannot, professing their support but the truth is when things get rough or worse, they’re the first one to turn their back on us.  Yes, I lost in that game while I was in the process of winning.

I need scale… to measure people’s true intentions when they stand for something.
One person explained his own self saying he became bad in exchange of his family’s good life, while the other claimed he is too good that’s why other people have turned bad. This situation may seem not right, but who has the right to measure anyone’s life anyway? No one ever judge our actions of the past, not even yourself. Whatever happened in the past were bound to happen.  It was the age of wisdom, or the age of foolishness, it was the season of light or of darkness, it was the spring of hope or the winter of despair, we had everything before us or we had nothing before us, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of the noisiest authorities insisted upon being received, for good or evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

This is life. Whatever situations you are in or you had in the past, either good or bad, you have to live it. Everyone needs to learn how to survive. We can’t keep chicken inside an egg. Someday an egg will break and chick would come out, face the world by his own. No one could teach him how to survive except his own self as he lives in time, it is the best of times or the worst of times that could make him nice or brave.

People always ask “Are you happy?”
Then I answer “what do you think?” “Do I deserve to be happy or not?”
Oftentimes we are being put into situation where people ask us of the things which should not be asked at all, instead of just leaving us to choose of what we like to have. Though unintentional, some of the questions would bring back bad memories. It must be tough and terrible, but sometimes those are also quite handy especially in situations when our feet almost ready to stop on wrong destination.

Many of us are like sheep, moving behind someone or following other’s footsteps without trying to find out if there are other existing roads aside from the one we’d been following. We dare not see other possibilities. We convinced ourselves we are contented but in our deepest being we are like an empty shell. Again we say “This is life”, no complain once we fail, and if we succeed our luck is on our sleeves.

Heck, why should we be like a sheep when we can rule like a lion?
Why do we have to give space for others and disregard our own?

Try to live life for your happiness. Learn to become selfish at times for you to be able to taste the sweetness of being free. It is your life and you ought to live with it to the fullest. When are you gonna give yourself a break to enjoy the colors of the universe? When everything turns gray and you lose all your teeth? Making other people happy is good but if you do like selling your own happiness for others’ sake I must say you are just killing yourself and making other life miserable as well. Do business, you are good at that, right? then do so, but never ever close a deal by selling your own happiness. Once you do, you’re dead. You may have life but good as dead. You are not responsible of others happiness, the same like other’s aren’t responsible of your own.

The moment you deprive yourself from being happy just to give way for someone, then you are making another “you “ in others. When you become sad and make others happy, you are showing them an example that would create a chain or like a domino effect. Your action will born another “you” and that new “you” in another persona will try to make you happy, choose you over himself or herself, willing to say goodbye to his or her own happiness just to see you happy.

There is nothing wrong in making others happy as long as you are making yourself happy as well. Happiness is a gift to yourself. Savor it.

It is like…
We walk on grass everyday, we feel nothing is special.
Walk early in the morning, while grass still fresh in its dew, you can see the difference.
The effect is some kind of happiness which is hard to explain beyond words.
You feel it because you love nature. Once you do the things you love, it makes you happy.
Once you stop doing the things you like, then you are welcoming to live a life which you don’t like.
There is hidden miracle in being happy. Unwrap it. Reveal it. For you to see the life the way it should be liked.

We heard about people who spend time in mother nature while there are others spending their time on the internet. Those who like mother nature and manage to spend their time in nature are simply living the life the way they like, and those whose time spent on digital world to work in increasing their bank balance is no different from a nature lover because they too live a life they choose to have. Either of the two, they both manage to live a life they preferred and take note, they excelled in it.

Life is special. It’s like a piece of clear white paper wherein we have to write the song about us without any mix of hypocrisy of fake show off comparing to others. It’s not easy, in fact it is hard to acquire the things we need to have because sometimes life will not work in our favor but with strong determination, special things we wished for will come though in the hard way, but definitely it will come in its own sweet time. Just steadily work on it. Like for instance, before, you ask your parents of what’s gonna be the special things coming into your life, and your parents point their fingers at you, saying “you are the special one and you’re the one making your own self special no matter how imperfect you are (from your mistakes). Mistakes are to teach you though. Start loving your imperfection and embrace life  the way you want it to be, not on the other way around. By this, you are doing something for your happiness and for others as well. Love yourself, Love your life.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


What is happening in some of our mainstream media nowadays? Instead of giving credible news, they’re giving misleading or even fake information that could corrupt the minds of innocent people. It is so sad to know that instead of working hand in hand, some of them are working only for themselves and are after of getting high engagement rating to become famous. Others are get paid by politicians or oligarchs, for personal interest. 

The Philippines cries for change. 
Ninety percent (90%) of Filipino people are thirsty for real "change".
Change in government policies and its implementations for the betterment of the people. 
Change is possible, it is attainable especially now that the president commits himself to make a change in this country... 
but why it is so hard for others to accept? 
Why they keep on bashing in social media and gave negative or misleading reports against the president?

I watched the news about the fishermen condition in West Philippine Sea particularly in Scarborough Shoal. After four (4) long years of being deprived from coming to that place, Filipino fishermen are now able to go fishing without being driven away by Chinese coast guards. 

This is good news, but I was surprised the way those media people presented their report and made the whole thing come out negative. I already knew the whole story so I wonder why it came out a little bit different on tv news. It was like they just cut a portion of the entire information, then they made a twist by inserting some clips or statistics which are actually not credible. The thing is, the positive news becomes negative because of that insertion and twist. The innocent people who do not know the entire story would surely believe the mainstream media. That instant I was like, oh God, what is going on with these people whom we trust to bring out true information.

There are too many smart people nowadays and sad to say they use that smartness to fool people around. 
Instead of uniting the people, they used their power to manipulate and cause division.
Today, though people are actively participating discussion in social media, there are still many who get fooled due to wrong information. This happened because of troublemakers or trolls roaming around social media sites. 

I can't help myself asking this question: "Who are these trolls? Are they not puppet of politicians who hinders change in the government? who among us would prefer becoming a troll for nothing?".  If you are one of those people craving for change in the government, would you make troubles to hinder it? I guess not!, unless you are against it.

Just recently I read  at Manila Times that two senators declare war on trolls. You may check this link:

I can't help but shake my head. smh.
There is nothing wrong in stopping trolls, but the question is are these "trolls" really trolls? or the so-called "paid trolls" created by them to create chaos and divert issues.
As we all know, Sen. De Lima's credibility is in question because of her involvement into drug syndicate. Now she has the guts to author this "war on trolls"? wow!

If this is it, then I must say the purpose of this war on trolls is to twist issues to gain sympathy from social media. She is good at that though, she'd done it to some mainstream media. She was the one tagging the media about the so-called Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) in the Philippines and accused the president(without any evidence) as a mass murderer after she was personally attacked by the latter as immoral woman who is engaged in drug syndicate. 
Whats your analysis about it?

Isn't it another trick so the issue could be twisted?
Isn't she trying to zip the mouth of real journalists or social media personalities whose dignity cannot be bribed? Isn't she trying to create a scenario to mislead the innocent Filipinos so she could gain sympathy? 
These are few questions bugging in the mind of Filipino people.
Now she authored this "call on war against troll" 
It's a big crap! 

There are more important things to be prioritized, too many problems that need solutions rather than minding those trolls. They are just trolls anyway, so why give a fuss on them? They are abound everywhere, well unless there is no behind stories or hidden agenda of their existence. Why not try to investigate those media men who spread negative or misleading news instead of minding those trolls? Leave them, after all they are just trolls paid by some politicians. 

This country has long been suffered from endemic corruption which pull us into darkness.
I am hopeful that one day this country will experience light. May the president's advocate for change will win over antagonists.

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