Friday, July 6, 2012

Leave or Live the Moment

"Take a plunge in the ocean of sadness,  for you to understand happiness and appreciate life moment by moment..." ~Leony~

Life is said to be a journey..
We have to live it moment by moment.  


Cherished moments are those times that bring a smile to our face or tears in our eyes.
They are special and remarkable.
They are treasures.

We treasure every moment because they recall the memory of our loved ones - family and friends who'd been part of us and made our journey worthwhile. 

They were part of the lessons we learned day by day and each piece of it has a special room in our precious heart.

They are not meant to be concealed or buried.

They are to be relived, to be experienced again and again..
  .."for they are influencial source of strength, guidance, inspiration, and hope as we journey on" (Fr. Jerry Orbus).

Normally, we only tend to reminisce the happy moments, setting aside  those sad ones., and most likely many of us try to erase those that refreshes the pain...

Only few realizes that everything happens for a reason... and there is hope beyond the horizon.

"I've been too long in the wind, 
too long in the rain.."

This  line from a song "Loving Arms" by Dixies has got my attention while I was  clicking on you tube  during my lonesome moment.  

There was a flashback of the unforgettable...
I saw myself in the ocean of sadness remembering the person behind that song..

While listening to it, I become too emotional for it reminds me how life has treated me 'till this very day. It was my lonesome moment, and an outburst of emotion has got me almost fainted. 

We have our own share of unforgettable moments and we have our different ways of dealing with it. 

Either we keep it or share it, the bottom line is ...
those moments are meant to be cherished.

I thank God that during those moments of sadness,

when I was so down and tired in my journey,
He has given me a helping hand,
in a form of a stranger... a friend.

A friend who tries to listen instead of judging.

A stranger, whom I considered my light in shining armour.
It was a moment, a treasured moment... with a treasured friend.

Getting back to the song...

It was a gentle reminder for me to go back to my real self, to my identity and my mission in this life. 

With divine providence, make a choice.
Either you gonna leave or live the moment.
Leave those bad moments behind. They were there as part of your journey.
Live the good ones and cherish them.
They are there to give colors and guidance as you journey on.


  1. That's your spirit ...we all love joy and happiness but how we could forget pain and sadness is also the part of life.....without their existent " JOY n HAPPINESS" wouldn't be "JOY n HAPPINESS" all of them are treasured moments...and we should move on accepting this facts.

    1. You said it well. It is the fact about life and love. Life's journey is not easy, in fact, it often is hard. The road we take is too rough, that in most cases, we get stumble.. and it is from being stumble that we learn to stand up of our own and continue to journey on! Thank you so much Milan, I wish you goodness and wellness :)

  2. Just dine in here Pizza Hut to get inspiration to create again. I like your post, interesting design.

    1. thanks a whole lot Pa Ul for spending sometime here. Such an inspiration :)God bless!

  3. This is so nice. I'm glad I found your blog

    1. I'm so glad that you liked it Mia, blessings be to you :)tc

  4. We have so many cherished moments to be remembered, there are some sad memories too- but as long as we're learning from those experience,we shouldn't regret any single moment.

    How are you Leony?

    1. Very true. We shouldn't regret the moment we have each day. Every moment has meaning for in every moment God is speaking.
      Hello Cecille, my moment is good, wishing you the same :) Thank you for dropping by, I was missing you :)

  5. Another great post! Just loved it! ^^

    1. Thanks a ton Horus, been a while, hope to catch all your posts :) blessings my friend.

  6. postingan yang bagus tentang Treasured Moment

    1. Sorry, I don't understand your comment Obat, but thank you. Much love and peace :)

  7. Nice blog Leony...I can really relate on this...treasured moments or learned moments...yes...and it really gives us good lessons in life...btw, thought of exchanging links with you..if you may you could also visit our website: ....thanks!:-)

    1. Everything has a reason, every moment is a lesson learned .. We must acknowledge whatever moment we have in life coz without those moments we wouldn't have reach this moment now :) Thank you Rissa. It's a pleasure to exchange link with you. tc.


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