Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Choose to be better

I heard somebody said
"Life is stupid"
(sometimes that somebody is me)

Why cant just we say "I am stupid, or I've been stupid in my choices"
Is it that hard to admit?

We have our own choices in this what they call "stupid life".

A choice to do or not to do,
to love or not to love,
to hate or not to hate,
to accept or to decline,
to say a yes or a no..

A choice to dislike, to pretend,to control, 
a choice to sacrifice for others,to compromise...
A choice to wear mask or not to wear mask..
Choice to understand or to act dumb..

We do have our choices,
and I prefer "to understand"
... understand that everyone is wearing mask based on their priority, on their set goals..
I choose to understand that everyone has its own limits in everything, that each one has its own life...craving for survival.

The only thing  I failed to understand is,
why do people crave to be on top of everything, of why one must prove that he or she is better than the other, that one should have a name for people to remember them..
and once they get it, people say they've succeded. Whooah!! They call it success!!.
and the worst thing is...  it doesnt end up there... they crave for more, a never ending more.. of success!
Success from what?
Success for getting something which others dont have?
Success bcoz they feel proud about it? What is that for? Getting self satisfaction?
Making others envy of them?

Thats what really makes the world crazy
and making life stupid.
We complicate things and often confuses ourselves from being better ahead of others than by becoming better to attract better.
We complicate things in our hands bcoz of our desire of greatness

We can eat 3 times a day,
We have roof over us, a place to sleep on if we need rest
We have family with us
We have good simple friends
We have a simple life to live

But why we crave for greatness that complicates all, making us forget who we are, diverting ourselves to be a slave of desire of being great than the other.
Making ourselve a "somebody" by wearing a superfacial outfit "the mask".

What if we fail ?
Fail ourselves or fail the expectation of others from us
Do we get upset or get mad on situations that put us into the state of failure?
Do we have to cry?
Ok cry! Go ahead!
Cry out those stupid tears!
Yes stupid! for they are tears from stupid choices we've made!

You know what,
Its not really life that is stupid..
but people.

Stupid people craving of stupid stuff for stupid desire, hiding stupid tears in their stupid mask... 
and they call it, life.

Oh! What a life!
Are you into it?
Oh well, life is just like that.

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