Sunday, October 28, 2018

Be In A Relationship With Yourself (Ultimate Goal)

Has there ever been a time when you felt like you held onto something?

You fought hard for it, but ended up frustrated or exhausted,

Because you consider yourself a burden instead of a relief?


We have all had a desire to belong to something or someone - to those we cherished.

We treat them with kindness.

We show them our time, concern, and care.

We wanted to make them happy.

We pay attention to their needs.

Trying to comfort them as best as we can.

What's the point of doing this in the first place?

Do we really know the people we spend time with? 


Or is it "WE", whom we really need to know more about?

Know Yourself Better Than Others

In many cases, we neglect knowing ourselves (what we feel, how we act, and how we treat people).

We tend to pay more attention to others than to ourselves.

In an effort to make others happy, we ignore our own happiness.

In the hopes that their contentment and happiness would make us happy as well.


As some say, how we treat others reflects how we would like to be treated.

It is like giving others something we don't have

In the blind hope that they will do the same for us.


Does it make sense?


"Giving others what we don't have"

How could we give what we don't have?


Well, it does make sense at one point.

We rarely admit it, but yes, we do give others the things we don't have.


We give comfort because we want to be comforted,

We treat people with kindness because deep inside us, we also want others to be kind to us.

We give love in the hope that we will receive the same amount in return.


Caring for others is never a mistake, though!

So long as we take care of ourselves as well.


Keep treating others with respect according to your feelings,

At the end of the day, the world is just a world. You can't make things big unless you do.

You are part of it, so make it yours.

Let its energy flow through you instead of the other way around.

When there is no deserving person on this earth who values the essence of being a good human, then BE ONE.


Even if the world is too preoccupied with what they consider special, you can still be special by acknowledging the special characteristics you have and valuing others who have qualities that help you become a better person.

Build that relationship in any way you can. You don't need to be around the person, just feel their energy and embrace them with that same energy.


Love the person.

Love his energy.

Engage in a relationship with him, not in his body, but in the person he that he is....

In what he is,

In what he does.


Become intimately acquainted with his view of the world and with himself.

Engage yourself with the beauty and the more dreams and goals,

The things he wishes to create and that be worthy of virtue in this life are those that are in line with his values.

Be in relationship with the discipline he has acquired as he grew in some directions in his life.


Be in a relationship with the totality of him.

The inner him with the desire of making you his comfort.

When the baggage on his shoulders is too heavy

Lend him your shoulder.

Especially when no one is around,

To make him feel at home with you.


Be in a relationship with him

Like you are in a relationship with yourself.


It is through knowing and loving yourself first that you can extend love to others.


How can you love and value yourself?

Be in a relationship with your inner self and make it your goal.


Instead of wasting energy on that relationship goal,

Be in a relationship with your goal.

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Be In A Relationship With Yourself (Ultimate Goal)

Has there ever been a time when you felt like you held onto something? You fought hard for it, but ended up frustrated or exhausted, Be...