Monday, July 2, 2012

Listen to the Sound of Silence

There was silence...

They stood, face to face, locked in each others' eyes,
both trying to hide the pain inside...
no words could come out from her luscious lips,
only the sound of their heartbeat is being heard.

Then, a single teardrop has  fall from her eye,
a sign for him to leave the girl with a sigh;
He walked away, grateful that everything has ended,
but why can't he carry off his feet and make a single step away from that place?

He turned around to glance the girl once more,
but it was too late, coz  she's already gone..

And for the first time in his life,
he let all the tears come out from his eyes;
in the silence of his heart,
he felt the struck of pain.. his own pain?
no, not for his pain...
but for the girl he loves,  
the girl whom he couldn’t give his heart <3

what the man didn't know is:
The girl hides herself behind the bush
to hide away her sorrow and anguish;
afraid that the man could see her,
and pity for her of her foolishness ...
In a word of silence, they let their pain speak!

 I wish my tears will medicate me.. but how?
In the silence of my heart,
I wish I would know how...")


  1. wow..every single full of emotion and I can feel it...wonderfully done...

    1. Thank you so much Milan. Words just freely come out due to mixed emotions I have at that very moment. Emotions that triggered me to realize how life is bound to happen. Great day to you my friend.

    2. so touchy.........loved it

  2. ambigat!!! parang MMK ang dating...:(

    1. hmm well, life is not always a bed of roses, or not on easy waters, so have to accept it, keep paddling to reach the seashore, there is time for everything ika nga :) thanks for droppin by Cecille :)

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  4. so touchy.............loved it


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