Worry Not - The Poem

(By: Leony Moonrose)

Whenever I'm weary,
I say, Oh mind, never feel the same.
You must have sympathy,
 Don't ever blame.

When the rays of worry saddens me
I say, oh mind never give up  hope
After that stormy sea
the smiling sun will rise.

when I look up the shining stars at the amazing sky,
and the sweet smiling moon at night,
I smile back even if I got a sorrowful heart
Coz I know, the clouds will pass them by.

Nothing will stay in this world,
Not even my loneliness.
I cry one day, but I must stand
Because I know I am so blessed<3


  1. These are nice poems Leony,I want to share them on my facebook wall- but I want to acknowledge the author and perhaps send your link?

    keep writing.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I'm so glad you liked my posts Cecille. Thank you so much. It's okay if you share my posts and link on your fb wall dear. I would appreciate it very much, such a big honor to me.. Thanks for being so kind. Looking forward for your friendship at fb if you don't mind *wink. Keep in touch :)


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