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by: Lavi Singh

Possible and impossible Two contrasting words... both are valuable
Most often, we primarily think the impossibilities of a situation before we recognize its possibilities. This is quite common in life, in love in particular. We think that a certain situation is quite impossible but we could make things possible, for we believe that love works in mysterious ways and love is able to make impossible things ... possible.
I may not be a writer who could easily express my thoughts into words… but I have a heart that feels, listens and speaks with another heart (hoping your heart would listen). We have a much valuable person in front of our eyes but we keep on searching for others. Why am I telling this? Simply because at this point in time, I know someone who has just touched my life with a smile - a kind of smile that is so captivating, pure and electrifying, and with a positive attitude that transcends all the negatives. 
This someone has taken my mind. The more I think about her,…

SKY (see the reflection of dreams)

by: Lavi Singh
One sky.                   One world. It takes all kinds of people to make a world Easy or difficult people dealing with heaven or hell day by day… under one roof, the sky.
When we were young, we were taught like, “If you do good such as being nice to your fellow kids and being respectful to parents and adults, God and angels in heaven will reward you, but if you bully kids around and disrespect elders, you’ll be thrown out to the fire of hell”.
In our young and innocent minds, we start to develop the fear of hell (not knowing that we will be experiencing it as we age). Getting scared on the idea of being thrown to the blazing fire, once we disobey the elders, we try to behave, believing that angels would be pleased in heaven.
One kid asked, “where is heaven?” Another kid points a finger upward, “heaven is up there, the SKY” Then another one asked, “where is hell?” Few kids made a chorus saying “It’s down there” (below the ground) One smart kid uttered, “ We’re standing on hell”…