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Posted by: Leony Moonrose
Courtesy of Lavi Singh
In this kind of world we are now, They are quite scary They expect me to know who they are They expect me to greet them
If I don’t, they start hitting me They make it a guessing game I have to correctly guess they are my friends If not, I’ll end up into trouble again.

Friends make a lot of difference. We can see them everywhere wearing different faces. When you’re going about your day, walking down the street, getting on the subway, in shopping malls, or watching football game, we meet our casual or close friends, exchanging nods, hi’s and hello’s, shaking hands with them.

As we mingle, we see their faces. Some have happy faces, others have blank face Some have angry scowls, others are sad, worried souls Some are impatient while others are peaceful and content, ..yet they are our friends in different faces.
We pass by all those faces,  and we know that behind each face… is a story. Yes a story. A story that runs the gambit of all human emotions. S…

Give Immigrants a Fair Chance

By:  Lavi Singh

If we look back throughout history, we can see how work evolved phase by phase. The first phase of work was comprised of family occupation by default, meaning you were born to do your parent’s job. If they were businessman, you became a businessman, If your dad was an engineer, you became an engineer. A carpenter, you became a carpenter. A farmer, you became a farmer. Very few were able to deviate from this path due to limited opportunities. Some have worked in different field and the rest become jobless.  The tendency, workers need to work abroad, leave their families behind for greener pasture.

They cross from country to country. They become immigrants.
They migrated from their respective hometown just to work abroad, believing that one day, they'll gonna have a good life.

Who are these immigrants?
Are they people? or something like animal that do not belong to this world?
When God created human, He never put a tag on them. So why do people say about legal and illegal…

Racial Discrimination - A Cancer

By: Leony Moonrose

"Hang around with good and nice people. If you can't find one, then be one."

If you hang around people who have lower standards than you, slowly but surely you'll adopt those same standards too.
Because if you don't adopt those standards, then you start fighting with the group.
This is a common scenario in some social sites like a chat room. Some chatters doesn't want to be proven wrong and you don't want to keep on fighting them, so to make peace, it's just easier to just succumb to the standards of the group.
You continue talking with all the chatters, entertaining them, laugh with them, even sharing bad jokes with all the so-called idiots... your reason? to have fun. To socialize.

What do you get from it anyway? well, by becoming one like them is what you'll get. I'ts not quite fun at all. Instead of fun, you gain stress. Instead of gaining more friends, you ended up hating others.
It is like you are in the middle of a jungl…