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THINK BIG (Develop confidence)

Success is a state of mind!

THINK BIG. It’s free :)
Think that you’ll become BIG and be positive about it. “If you think positively, it would create a positive atmosphere which will result to a positive reaction”.
I was sitting on a rocking chair, while having my “siesta” yesterday. I was in deep thought when a scene of my kitten “Muning” got my attention. I stood up and decided to watch him keenly, but  in a split second, “Muning” jumped up attacking my nephew’s puppy that is pretty much bigger than him. I was taken aback, but amused at the same time, watching the poor puppy ran away howling.
What has triggered “Muning” to attack that puppy? I’m sure he knows how big that puppy is. 

Could it be:

1. He was thinking that he is big too? 

2. He knows his own ability as a cat? 

3. He believes his inner strength and trust himself that he could defeat that dog?

Oh well yeah, why not? Mind has power as they say:)

He knows that he is a CAT but he thinks and believes that he can be a TIGER. If he has …