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By: Lavi Singh

“I want to spread my wings but I just can’t fly, …my precious wings are broken tired…”
I believe I can fly to touch my best friend, the blue sky. I believe I can soar high from the daylight ‘till the moonlight, I believe I really can….     But how? when my wings are broken, how could I survive?
Is there a way to heal what is broken without hurting others feeling? Is there a way to stop the pain without having tears? Where should I be? I seek for a place not to give up nor hide… but to fight with life in order to make things right.
I often forget that I am just human who can't always be right. I might be tough and strong as you see me, but it’s all a disguise, because in reality, no matter how tough or strong a person is, if he is captive by such a strong emotions of life’s madness and carries the burden on the expectations of others, he will touch the ground and give up, not because he is a coward, but because he is brave enough to accept what is bound to happen even if it mea…