"I am what I think I am"
What do people think about me? 
What do they say about my personality? 
Many of them asserted that they've known me, but only in an abstract way because they don't really know me beyond physically.

There's no need to tell the people of who and what I am.
Telling them who I am piece by piece would be like a mantra that I have often said about myself to others, like those who had accordingly perceived of knowing me based on what I have not told them about me. They then only know me in the outside. 
They don't see the inner me -simple and modest!

Simplicity is what makes me a true person. 
This is the real me! 
A PERSON- who is particular of the inner self...
A GIFT-loosely wrapped for others to open up. 
A genuine gift that offers friendship. 
I could be a gift to you! Would you allow me? 
You could see the wonderful gift that I am. 
A person of principle, someone whom you can sit on a porch and talk to, whom you can share with.. 
A person who is more particular on the inside than what is seen outside
A person who can go JOURNEYING WITH YOU!

Don't be deceived by what your eyes can see, 
don't pay attention on the loose wrapper I wear..
For the real me is the gift itself, beneath that wrapper you've seen. 
I am a PERSON, I am a GIFT. 
This is what I think I am. 
A gift to myself and a gift to everyone!

-Leony Moonrose-

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My heart tells me there's something wrong. It seems you're going through a journey with nothing but heartaches beside you. You don't have to say or utter anything for me to know and realize the anguish. I care too much not to notice...

Over the years, I have discovered that Love's journey is not easy. At first It gives us hope. It gives us a feeling of the so called "heaven". We feel that butterflies are flying inside our stomach. Maybe sounds funny and corny, but we don't mind all those corny things they said. What matters to us is the sweet feelings of being in love. We are in a high spirit of Love. But, have we forgot that we are on a journey? Each of us from time to time experiences crises from different life changing events and transitions, all unpredictable moments arriving and intruding into our well groomed relationship, we didn't ask for this interference and we wonder why it has arrived bringing with it havoc and confusion.

Love's journey is not easy, in fact, it often is hard. No matter what the source, each pain has a common bond, a threshold, a holy summons inviting us to cross a threshold involving both a leaving behind and a stepping forward.

Struggling day to day with the pain is an agonizing task. Don't be too hard on yourself. I am near if you need a lift of heart, a guiding hand, and someone who will be there with you to welcome the light of a new day. Just go on with your journey, because you are not alone. If the pain is too much for you, then.... GIVE ME YOUR WOUNDED HEART.