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 I'm all Covered with Scars
(Special Thanks to Youth Encounter)

   I have trusted again and been  betrayed at times.
Why It Hurts to Care?

I have loved and ended up alone and in tears.
I have tried hard to care and failed often.
I have been warm and received a cold shoulder.
I have been through it, Lord.
I’ve fallen on my face.
I’ve been bruised.
Look, Lord, I’m all covered with scars!
I have done my best..
But my best was not enough

Is this my Fate?
Don't I deserve happiness?
 Am I destined for sorrow?

Wounded Heart

My Heart
My very precious heart is gorgeous, full of beauty. 
But when pain comes, my heart withers, its beauty disappears. 

Many times my heart has been like a rose flower- beautiful, full of joy and peace, ready to bring joy to others and to love others unselfishly. 

But now, my heart is closed, wounded, without joy and hope, without Peace & Love.

This is my hardest and painful moment. I feel that heinous knife stabbed at my precious heart, the heart that I can only be proud of.. is bleeding! 

No. This is no longer my heart.. because my one and only heart has been stolen by a man. How lucky that man is.. he could go somewhere else with my heart in his hand.. the only treasure I have is gone! 

Without a heart...
How can I live my life today? 
How can I move on?
Kindly hand it back to me, 
for without a heart, I couldn't imagine a day!


  1. Hi Leony,

    There is always hope my friend. Focus on your goals and life and don't let anything stop you. I wish you peace and happiness my friend.

  2. Thank you very much Dia. May God gives me the strength to see the beauty of a new day. Thank you.

  3. Heart touching lines, really its worth being with u, lot to learn from you, lot to get from you, have too much to give this world, you are such a fantastic real soul, great, i cant say in words right now, in short i would say, the soul which are so good, comes on earth once in million years, you are one among millions a soul i have met after long time in my life, a soul which i imagine in my dreams, after reading you today, talking you today, i got it, that the soul the friend, the girl which i always seen its you dear. would say more when i get some words, right now would say, god has made u so sweet, just few like u here in this world, why not u here in india, would love to meet u some day, would love to hear ur sweet voice some day

    1. Harry how are you? I become so speechless by your words, that the first time I read this, I couldn't find any words to say. I have to say thanks a ton for your nice and inspiring words, and I must admit too that it adds my confidence now. I owe you for your goodness. Great day to you my friend. Much love and peace :)

  4. When I lost my love, I was devastated, I thought I have no more reasons to live, but then I realised, I was too busy loving someone else, and I forgot to love myself, so now I am happy,because I found myself,the real me, and I love the new me. :)

    1. I hear you Cecille. You are right, we are too busy loving someone else to the extent that we forgot to love our very own self. I've been into that so many times.. and I am thankful to God for being with me especially during my hard days. Good to know you're doing great and you were able to surpass all those trials in your life. That's how we journey in this jungle called "life" my dear. Thank you for your presence here my friend, God's blessings be upon you. Take care!

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