The Race is On

Opening up my fb page, I saw this pic of cutie and adorable puppies at my homepage (Thanks to Edwin Antonio for posting, hope you don’t mind me using your pic here) 

Courtesy pic of Edwin Antonio Photography

Simply adorable! 

The innocent little doggies got my attention. You might ask: “What’s new in this kind of pic that arouses viewer's interest ? It is but ordinary, simple and common pic on the net with good caption!”  hmm well, could it be from the idea that this pic was taken live by a great photographer? bah,    why not?!! but deep within I know there is something more than that.

I took  another glance, can’t help but smile at the little innocent puppies , and finally, my eyes got stuck on the caption itself.  Right there and then, I understand the magic it brings!

Yes, it’s magic! The picture and the caption brings magic.
The scenario is a reflection of how innocent people are in the beginning. We live life in accordance with our simple desires. We are like innocent puppies, running with our everyday errands, playing and enjoying what life has given us, not quite familiar that we are on a race with our friends, buddies, and family, dealing relationships or affairs, works, hobbies, etc.  It’s like “do what you love, and love what you do". It creates a moment that brings smile to our face and a vibration to our heart each time we experience or even remember it.  

With much enjoyment, we almost forget about the journey.  We almost forget that life is a RACE, that it's quite a game. We valued much about life, we give importance on our needs, not knowing that everything we do and dreamt of.. is just part of the game.  We are not quite aware that the people we mingle everyday plays each own part to win this game called “Life”. For doggies, they race towards getting the bone... for us, we race towards the mountain peak, where the treasure called "life" is hidden. The search is on, the prospects are hopeful. Every  life's journey is part of the game. We are all players, creating our own rules in reaching the top. 

The race is on... run towards the goal. Use all the necessary techniques to win. 

" Run the first two-thirds of the race with your head
and the last third with your heart." 
(courtesy quote: Edwin Antonio)

written: Leony Moonrose


  1. So adorable! The photo goes well with the quote. I love the quote, too. :)

    1. It has the same effect on me Cris. Simply amazing pix and quote that each time I take a look, I can't really help but smile while lovely thoughts keep crossing in my mind :)

  2. Beautifully written my big hearted sweet friend..absolutely agree with your thought about the life. Adorable pic,nice quote and even more greatly explained through the selected words.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Milan. This is life after all, we race up towards the mountain, have to surpass all the obstacles and and reach the top. Happy journeying!!

  3. Sounds interesting, might have to take you up on that some other time.
    ! Looking forward to future updates!
    From The Journey

    1. aww, stunned here with your name "always unlucky" :) you're always lucky I know *wink.. btw, thank you. Looking forward to hearing you soon, Good luck!

  4. Life is one big long race and some of us fall along the way, and others struggle to get to the finish line. Loved the puppy pics, so cute, and the quote went well too.

    1. Well said Rum :) it's my neighbor's puppy actually, they ran to lick the toes of the photographer.. while we ran towards the finish line of our dreams and desires :)

  5. Thank you so much dear, see you around at blogsphere. Much love and light <3


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