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Be in a relationship with yourself and make it your goal -Leony-
Have you ever been into a situation like you're holding unto something
then you fought hard for that something yet ended up frustrated or exhausted,
just because you think you are a baggage to someone instead of being a reliever?

Deep in us we wanted to be a part of someone or something
-to those whom we considered special-
We show them kindness,
we give them time, care & concern,
We wanted to see them happy
we pay attention to their needs or desires,
trying to comfort them in any way we can.

It has even become our goal, relationship goal! 

Why are we doing this in the first place?
Do we really know  those people whom we devote our time to? 

Or it is "we", whom we really need to know more about!

Know Yourself 
(more than others)

Knowing ourselves -how we feel, act and treat people- has often been neglected
We pay more attention to people than paying more attention of ourselves
We disregard our own happiness just to make others happy,
hoping their happiness and contentment would give us happiness too.

Some said, how we treat others is a reflection of how we desired them to treat us.
It is like giving others what we don't have
with blind hope that they too will do the same for us.

Wait a minute, does it make sense?

"Giving others what we don't have"
How could we give what we don't have?

Well at one point it does make sense.
We seldom admit it, but yes we give others the things that we don't have.

We give comfort because we want to be comforted,
We treat people with kindness because deep inside us, we also want others to be kind to us.
We give love with a blind hope, that we too will receive the same amount of love that we give.

There is no wrong in caring others though
for as long as we give the same care to ourselves.

Just continue treating others special base on how you feel,
after all, the world is just a world. Nothing is big in it, unless you make it big.
You are in it, thus make it your own. Attract its energy towards you, not on the other way around. If you see no deserving person in this planet who value the essence of being a good human being because everyone gets drown to some fancy stuff, then be one.

Although the world is too occupied with what they consider special, you have to be special still by acknowledging the special traits you have and appreciating others who have special traits that help you become the person to be. Build that relationship in any way possible. You don't have to be around with that person, just feel the energy and embrace the totality of that person with that same energy.
Love the person.
Love his energy.
Be in relationship with him, not in his body but in his being a person...
In what he is,
In what he does.

Be in a relationship with the way he sees the world and the way he sees himself
Be in a relationship with the beauty and the more goals and aspiration,
the things that he wants to create and give virtue in this life that are inline with his values,
Be in a relationship with the discipline that he has as he grew in certain directions in life..

Be in a relationship with the totality of him,
the inner him with the desire of making you his comfort,
when the baggage upon his shoulders are too heavy..
Be a shoulder for him to lean on,
especially when no one is there around him,
to make him feel at home with you.

Be in a relationship with him
like you are in relationship with yourself.

it is through knowing and loving yourself first that you can extend love to others.

how to love and value yourself?
Be in relationship with your inner self and make it your goal.

Instead of loosing energy looking for that relationship goal,
Be in a relationship with your goal


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