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The Treasure Map

I am a journeying person. You are too, aren't you? We all are. Life for me is kindda adventure! I go places, meet all sorts of people. See, I met you here at bloggers hmm. This is part of my journey, our journey! We are holding our map and this is what my map is directing me.          
Do you guys have your map with you? If none yet, better have it first, before  get mislead. It won't just serve as your guide but a protector as well. Remember you are journeying to the world of the unknown.
Have you seen your map already? It is inside you. It is the core of your being. It is what we call ...


"It is buried deep within your soul.  It is the hidden treasure planted inside you, in your consciousness, in your entire being.

The "TREASURE MAP" is in your hands...  Use it as you journey in this world. 

Use your heart anywhere you go. The heart knows everything.  It will direct your path. It  serves as your guide, especially when your life voyage  has too…

If Tomorrow Comes

A lot of times in my life, I experience loneliness I cry for no reason but empty feelings Times when I can't feel someone's presence I have nothing but yearning, I searched myself within, asking why, there tomorrow again?
Life's journey is a struggle, A battle to achieve something worthwhile... One day you're high with happiness, the next day you're down that all you do is cry! why? why it has to be this way? .. what does tomorrow looks like?

Sometimes I just want to give up. But then... I begin to imagine if I didn't have these days of sadness, then I wouldn't be able to appreciate happiness! I believe that every journey has its end after this night there is morning.. If tomorrow comes... I can be happy again!
It is during these moment of  sadness of the soul that I cry out his name.. that I seek him out with desperation. If I wouldn't have these kind of days, do you think I would seek him as much? and if I wouldn't seek him, should I realize the valu…